Understanding What Kanye West Is Doing With DONDA (So Far)

This image represents hunger for the rapper as per usual successful people really lack drive after they have made it
Balenciaga Fall 20 Runway Show
Kanye West In RAF (an outfit resembling Balenciagas idea)

Kanye West seems to be taking fashion into a different musical era because with his last show the rapper/musician make sure that you could see the references from the Balenciaga fall/winter 20 show with a very clear lineage and a very dark theme. The rapper is trying to convey a message that from now on he’s going to be silent.

Balenciaga Fall 20 (Kanye Wore The Jacket on Stage, Which According to Balenciaga Represents “A Bear Killing Tuxedo”)
Balenciaga Fall 20 (A Replica Of DONDA Merch)

John Galliano for Maison Margela made custom Yeezus concert mask to inspire the rapper but now the rapper is taking the idea of Martin Margela (Founder of Maison Margela) into another level as he continues to silence him self until the album is released.

“It kind of seems weird not hearing Kanye talk, Could he be in a sunken place?”

The first event was held and the rapper was wearing all red resembling great power in his messaging of silence ( hence the show really disappointed a lot of fans as Mr West just stood there in silence, played a few tracks without carrying the “KANYE” character (cause of the faceless masked fashion philosophy by Margela) 

With the second event the rapper made sure to hire the Balenciaga creative team to stage the show, to stage the room in which he slept  and to make sure that the version of a silenced Kanye is now in full mode.

Making sure that you the consumer enjoy the ART his portraying rather than being starstrucked by the rapper.

We are all not sure on what the album is going to sound like but from the images, the construction theory is that it’s going to be an album full of grime and dark-mess focusing on religious philosophies. Some might easily say resembling a “rappers” version of The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga.

Since that is the image the rapper is introducing to us we wonder how long will it last. Now we will wait and wonder where the rapper is taking us next as art is interpreted in so many ways like Kanye is showing us about the Balenciaga Fall 20 show.

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