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It’s BMW doing what it does best

Some would call the 3-Series conventional, a formula that for decades has in many respects been the same. It’s also been very successful, building on the simple concept of a RWD sedan with enough class to do business, enough space to do family and loaded with enough tech and powertrains to appeal to most. It […]


retro BMW 3 Series build

Check out this 800bhp E30 with a retro DTM livery Tic Tac has fully endorsed this glorious retro BMW 3 Series build. We’re in love Greg Potts The early 1990s was such a brilliantly bonkers time for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, and this custom E30 BMW 3 Series build takes us right back there.  The year is 1991, […]


BMW Releases Its 503BHP M4

Just in time for summer, BMW releases its 503bhp, 4WD cabrio. Yours for £82k Vijay Pattni As surely as night follows day, and – in the UK – rain follows yet more rain, BMW has followed up the M4 Competition with this. This is the M4 Competition Convertible. A perfect car for this rainy, royal throne […]

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