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Basha Uhuru ART Exhibition

We decided to wrap up Fashion Week with the amazing exhibition. From amazing artist that were showcasing at the Basha Uhuru Festival in Constitutional Hill. With this exhibit we see different types of art pieces that feature wall pieces and furniture. Which we were blown away by but interestingly also featured an apartheid era. That […]


Basha Uhuru Fest Review

We’re pretty sure an audience like the Basha Uhuru doesn’t exist anywhere but at Basha Uhuru in Constitutional Hill. When we got an invite we were exited to see young creatives in the domain and they did not disappoint from Kallo who opened the show with her smash hits really set the mood for the […]


Busha Uhuru Fest Best Dressed

We recently got invited to the Busha Uhuru Festival and it was our 1st time being invited to this kind of event and we cannot have had more fun. The people that attend this kind of event are filled with love and peace that we swore we were at Coachella. Below we have featured the […]

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