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What Does It Mean to Be Sexually Fluid

At this point in time, experts have disproved many of the myths surrounding sexual orientation.  Like the color of your eyes or the shape of your nose, orientation is a trait many are born with or grow into over time. Maybe in high school, for example, you developed crushes on people of one gender only. In […]


Is It Better to Be a Night Owl or Early Bird?

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who delight in hearing birdsong first thing in the morning, and people who groan, and wish birds had a mute button. Early birds, also called morning larks, fall into the first category. Most early risers enjoy waking up when the day is young and tend […]


The Ultimate Guide to Preventive Care for Men

While you can control your genetics, taking charge of your overall health can help lower your risk of developing many conditions down the line. Some men have the misconception that if they seem healthy, they don’t need to visit a doctor. But getting regular checkups and health screenings can catch many diseases in the early […]


From Libid-low To Libid-oh!

It seems that everyone’s drives have taken a dip this year – whether it be for work, fitness, or, uh… horizontal activities. And who could blame us? It’s tough to light a fire in the bedroom when it’s doubling up as an office, yoga studio, and full-time day care. Much like an ill-timed phone call […]

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