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BALENCIAGA Spring Summer 2022 Campaign

We are not longer phased by what Delma does with Balenciaga as he always reaches to thought provoking ideas and with this advertorial campaign nothing was different but the quality of the clothes speak for themselves as each piece is just art and we couldn’t have wanted to own everything like we do each season […]


GUCCI x BALENCIAGA ‘The Hacker Project’ Campaign

More and more brands are collaborating to keep the aesthetic of each brand separately but merging them together to create a limitd edition of their best sellers for example we are obsessed with the triple S Gucci edition and we sure it will sell out as the original Balenciaga triple S did. View entire collection […]


Busha Uhuru Fest Best Dressed

We recently got invited to the Busha Uhuru Festival and it was our 1st time being invited to this kind of event and we cannot have had more fun. The people that attend this kind of event are filled with love and peace that we swore we were at Coachella. Below we have featured the […]


Fashion Week Great Dane Best Dressed

We recently went to the pretigious bar The Great Dane during Fashion Week just to see what the youth are doing before it hits mainstream fashion. People around the world are looking to South Africa to see what’s next and the kids at Braam did not disappoint and they came to have but but look […]

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