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The Beginning of the Year

Yes, Its the first Monday of the year where things start getting back into action where people start getting into the conditioned mind of work The early hours, the jogging once in a while has commenced the question is are you “diving on in” or nah. Most people have a strange in look into the […]


5 Traits Of An Alpha Male

1.) He’s a Do-it-Yourself Guy People love to talk about alphas and alpha male traits. Some say that every man should be an alpha. Others contend that they don’t exist. Science aside, we can probably all agree that we have seen men at times who seem to exhibit an aura of authority and confidence (particularly […]


How to Plant a Hazelnut Tree

by HappyDIYHome Staff Growing fruit and nut trees is a great way to introduce height, structure and a little natural privacy to a space. It also provides you with a supply of fresh produce and is one of the quickest and easiest plants to grow. Attractive plants, the fuzzy, serrated heart shaped leaves are complimented in the spring […]


Unemployment continues to rise, dumping households into debt

29 September 2021, Johannesburg, South Africa – The news that jobs in the formal non-agricultural sector decreased by 86 000 in the second quarter of 2021 is yet another blow to punch-drunk South Africans. The latest Quarterly Employment Statistics from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) points towards the continued impact of Covid-19 on South Africa’s […]



In a relationship, whether married or still in courtship, there are things you should not tell another person. You never know who will be the Judas over your relationship. There are high secrets you have to keep only to yourself. . 1. Don’t tell anybody how weak your partner is. Someone may use it against […]

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