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A New Life, A New Me?

I don’t know how many times I’ve prayed to get a new job and I couldn’t be happier but my life just turned upset down for the “good” of things. I always look at my life as God’s experiment and by the looks of things right now I’m internally asking myself is this how the […]


What Is An Alpha Guy

Ok. We get it, Everyone has their own definition of what an alpha male is but by the looks of things in our society it seems like all men should wake up feeling alpha when that is not how it goes, Actually far from it. Generations before the Gen Z era man and women had […]


Back-To-School And Human Trafficking, The Scary Reality

Written by Thobeka Felicia  25 January 2021, Johannesburg, South Africa – Back to school is a busy time of year filled with late nights, early hours, and lots of homework. But it can also be a time when children and teens are vulnerable to being lured into human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. The […]


#Moan Twitter Space Worth R560

Isn’t it funny how social media really shows us who we are as human beings, Last night #MOAN was trending on Twitter and I went to checked it out and to my surprise its a sex thing. Some user even showed how a free Bible Study Twitter space had a few listeners but the #MOAN […]


The Beginning of the Year

Yes, Its the first Monday of the year where things start getting back into action where people start getting into the conditioned mind of work The early hours, the jogging once in a while has commenced the question is are you “diving on in” or nah. Most people have a strange in look into the […]

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