• The design takes inspiration from the reflective jerseys the Busby Babes experimented with between 1952-57 – which appeared as a different shade of red depending on the viewing angle under the stadium lights
  • Brought to life for the modern day, a gradient of light to dark reds runs down the shirt from top to bottom, transitioning seamlessly between shades
  • The new Manchester United home kit is available from today, via selected adidas retail stores andwww.adidas.co.za/manchester_united.

South Africa, July 1st, 2024 – Today, adidas unveils the Manchester United Home kit for the 2024/25 season – designed to capture fan attention under the glare of the Old Trafford lights, via a myriad of red shades creating a unique glow effect. 

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The look takes design cues from classic shirts worn by the Busby Babes, that were designed with ‘flourescent’ materials to help the players see each other better under the floodlights.  The rayon style fabric appeared to be a different shade of red, depending on how light reflected off it under the stadium’s floodlights. For the 2024/25 expression, bold combinations of red have been blended to form a light to dark red gradient, running down the main body of the shirt – giving the appearance of an ever-changing colour. 

A final bright, flame-like red insert – in a colour expression never seen before on a Manchester United home kit – runs down the side panel of the jersey and shorts, creating a connecting line that stands out against the stadium backdrop as players are in motion.  

The look is completed with a seasonal crew neck, while the adidas three-stripes running down the shoulders, the adidas logo and sponsor logos all feature in a contrasting white colour. A final nod to the club’s rich heritage is a red devil sign off, found on the front of the accompanying black socks.

Sam Handy, SVP of Product and Design at adidas said: “The colour red is consistently fundamental to the club’s DNA. There have been many different expressions of it over the years and, for 24/25, we wanted to do something a bit different. We’ve drawn inspiration from shirts that Manchester United experimented with from 1952-57 as floodlights were introduced to stadiums. These were fantastic early examples of creative design in matchwear and were worn by some of the club’s most legendary players. The colour-shifting appearance of these was a big influence in this season’s modern expression of the home kit, designed to capture attention from all angles on pitch.” 

Crafted for performance and to help provide world-class players with the confidence to play under pressure, the lightweight jerseys feature the latest in adidas technology which has been created in close collaboration with players throughout the development process. 

The on-field version of the jersey is constructed with HEAT.RDY technology, using advanced materials to maximize air flow to keep players feeling cool, while the fan version features AEROREADY technology, which uses sweat-wicking or absorbent materials to keep the body feeling dry.  

The on-field version of the kit is available to purchase for R2199, while the fan version is R1399,  with both available to purchase from today via, selected adidas retail stores, and online at adidas.co.za.