Reebok’s Iconic Answer III OG Launches on 4 December 2023

(Johannesburg, 27 November 2023)
 — Reebok has announced the highly anticipated return of a true basketball legend, the Reebok Answer III OG, launching in South Africa on 4 December 2023. These iconic sneakers, famously worn by basketball superstar Allen Iverson, pay homage to his journey from young gun to global icon.

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The Answer III OG is a symbol of Iverson’s meteoric rise, his unapologetic swagger, and his indomitable influence on the game. Being picked first overall in the NBA Draft comes with its share of questions, and Allen Iverson delivered the answer, every time.

Originally released in 1999, these sneakers took the culture by storm with their daring design, unparalleled performance, and the unmistakable style they brought to the court. Now they’re back in a faithful retro reproduction of the originals, letting fans relive the same design that made them a must-have in ’99

The Answer III OG incorporates Reebok’s DMX Foam technology, providing unmatched cushioning and comfort with every step. They will be available in a brand new colourway, classic black leather, featuring a tumbled leather upper. 

This is a celebration of basketball history, iconic legacies, and a living legend. What’s your answer? Shop the Reebok Answer lll OG from 4 December 2023 at Reebok online or in-store at Canal Walk

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