“South African ladies bring the sizzle that I crave.” Nigerian men on Bae Beyond Borders

• Bae Beyond Borders is now streaming on Showmax

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• The dating show features 4 South African women and 12 Nigerian men looking for love

• Nigerian suitors include Big Brother Naija alumnus Eric Oshiokhai

• Nigerian suitors praise SA women as “very sexy and driven” and “good to build with” because “they bring peace” 

• New episodes every Monday

Now streaming on Showmax, Bae Beyond Borders follows four South African women in search of love, the Naija way. Will they find love with any of the 12 Nigerian suitors or are cultural differences going to stand in the way? The pan-African dating show will release new episodes on Mondays until Christmas.

In the first phase of the show, each woman will have dates with all 12 men. After that, the bachelorettes will collectively narrow down the men from 12 to four. After each lady picks their Nigerian bae, they will then move to Cape Town to live in a gorgeous villa to see if their cross-cultural relationship can work beyond borders.

Meet some of the men who will be vying for love:

Twenty-seven-year-old fitness influencer, model and actor Eric Oshiokhai is no stranger to the spotlight, having made his reality television debut on the lockdown season of Big Brother Naija. “It’s high time I waltz into a commitment; I’ve been dancing in the streets, and now I’m ready for something real,” he says. “South African ladies bring the sizzle that I crave. That’s exactly what I’m after; they are very sexy and driven.” 

Luciano Okere is a 32-year-old journalist and businessman from Lagos. After his separation in 2022, Luciano is now ready to start dating again. This time, he wants to give love beyond Nigeria a try. “I am interested in getting to know South African women to see how dating outside of Nigeria is,” he shared. “I am big on love and exploring different cultures, so when this opportunity came about, I grabbed it with both hands. I am ready for my South African queen.”

Thirty-one-year-old Chidubem Okeke is a software developer who has seen the beauty of Nigerians and South Africans dating and even getting married. His older brother has been married to a South African woman for many years and Chidubem is inspired by their love. “I have seen the beautiful love my brother and his wife share, and it inspires me to seek a similar connection for myself.”

Thirty-four-year-old content creator Kingsly Okparaebube Ndubuisi is intrigued by the beauty of South African women. “South African women are very beautiful; I like how they dance, how they move and how they look.”

Kingsly also has relatives who are married to South African women. From what they have shared with him, he is very interested in finding one for himself. “I heard that South African women are good to build with and that they bring peace.” 

Bae Beyond Borders is the third Showmax reality show from POP24, after This Body Works For Me and The Mommy Club became instant hits across South Africa.

Bae Beyond Borders is a dating show like no other,” says POP24’s Zinzi Velelo Alake, creator and executive producer of the show. “This is an inside look on cross-cultural dating and how beautiful and uniting it can be. As someone who is married to a Nigerian man, I want to show people how both cultures have the potential to blend really well. There are a lot of misconceptions about South Africans and Nigerians dating, and I want to show it in its purest, realest form; that will blow the minds of viewers.”

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