New Hope on The Healthcare Horizon for SA’s Domestic Workers

TymeBank makes it possible to provide affordable medical insurance for third-party beneficiaries

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19 September 2023: In the face of a challenging economic landscape, South Africa’s domestic workers, primarily single mothers and breadwinners, are grappling with financial hardships. Fortunately, a TymeHealth policy can be opened and paid for on behalf of family, friends and employees – including your domestic worker.

A recent survey conducted by SweepSouth[1] revealed that the average monthly income for domestic workers in South Africa hovers around R2 989. Furthermore, 85 000 private household domestic workers, including nannies, cleaners, caregivers, and gardeners, lost their jobs in 2022. [2]

“Given these stark economic realities, it is easy to understand why domestic workers, like millions of other South Africans, struggle to afford private healthcare. And historically, employers have found it costly and, therefore, nearly impossible to provide these essential benefits for their workers,” says Nuno Da Silva, Managing Executive for Insurance at TymeBank. 

Recognising this pressing issue of healthcare accessibility, TymeBank has joined forces with the National HealthCare Group to offer an affordable primary healthcare insurance solution for third-party beneficiaries, such as domestic workers, for as little as R139 per month.

To apply, employers need to open a TymeBank account, access the medical cover option through the TymeBank app and sign up their employee as a member. They are then prompted to choose the plan that best meets their beneficiary’s needs. Once the application is successful, the new member will be registered onto the National HealthCare Group’s MobiApp through their mobile phone, which is also how they access their digital membership card and a wide range of benefits. 

TymeHealth’s benefits include unlimited GP visits, round-the-clock access to client assistance programmes, basic blood tests, basic x-rays, medication, dentistry, optometry, HIV benefits, emergency transport, and access to over 12 000 National HealthCare Group service providers nationwide.

Commenting on this innovation, da Silva emphasises, “While this facility is available to anyone wishing to purchase healthcare insurance for someone else, it represents an ideal opportunity for employers to provide their domestic workers with access to quality private primary healthcare nationwide.”

Dr Reinder Nauta, National HealthCare executive chairman, added that few things can make more of a difference to a person’s comfort and quality of life than having the freedom to easily consult a healthcare professional when needed.

“When you consider the contribution of domestic workers to South African households and our  economy, more options should be available than having to travel to an overburdened state clinic to wait for hours in a queue – particularly when feeling unwell. Anyone who is employed should have the means to take care of their basic healthcare with the convenience and quality of service more usually expected in the private health sector.

“This initiative not only eases the burden on South Africa’s cash-strapped domestic workers but also exemplifies how innovative partnerships can bring much-needed change to those facing financial hardship,” Nauta says. 

To learn more about TymeHealth, visit the TymeBank website. Applications for TymeHealth can be submitted by downloading the free TymeBank app from the Huawei, Google Play, or Apple App Store.

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