Superstar producer and DJ, Chronical Deep releases debut album, Light.

Chronical Deep, real name, Thabo Motloang born in Soweto, South Africa, part of the first generation to grow up after Apartheid had been overthrown and replaced with equality under the law, and majority rule under the leadership of Nelson Mandela.

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Young Thabo, as his parents called him, grew up in a household of intellectuals, lawyers and music aficionados. He would sit transfixed as his father put on esoteric vinyls like John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, or Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain.

Following up on his hit single Neo, he has since released two LPs with South African musician and cultural icon Kid Fonque record label Stay True Sounds. 

Fast forward, Chronical Deep is now fully indie, and ready to take over the world, the producer has since released he’s much anticipated debut album, titled, Light, the 11 track masterpiece features Don Scott, and Kali Mija. The muso takes you on a musical journey, filled with emotion and nostalgia, with tracks like ‘First Love’, to the very last track, ‘Children Of Israel’. 

The budding producer has received a thumbs up from Grammy Award winning DJ, Black Coffee, who acknowledged him recently on twitter. The project has also featured on Apple Music’s playlist, Isgubu, on which Chronical Deep is also featured on the playlist cover. 

Chronical Deep expects to take this album far and wide, having recently toured in Kenya in promotion of the album, he hopes to bring more audiences together on the dancefloor using he’s talent – MUSIC.

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