Jack Black Brings Back Lumberjack Amber Ale for a Limited Release

(Cape Town, June 22, 2023) — Jack Black, a pioneer in the local craft beer industry, has announced the return of a beloved classic, Lumberjack Amber Ale, as a seasonal limited release. Available at selected retailers from mid-June, this highly anticipated offering will take beer enthusiasts on a nostalgic journey while showcasing the brand’s ongoing commitment to next-level craftsmanship and innovation.

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Initially introduced as a permanent fixture in Jack Black’s specialty range, the decision was made in 2021 to transition Lumberjack into a seasonal limited release. This year marks the first time the brewery will be launching Lumberjack in its limited edition form, packaged in its memorable original design. This nostalgia adds a new layer of excitement for longtime fans of the cult favourite, and welcomes those eager to step into the world of craft beer.

The Lumberjack Amber Ale was brewed with one thing in mind: a truckload of malt. It captures the essence of strength, just like the mighty redwood that inspired its creation. This robust amber ale delivers full throttle intensity, with a pine-citrus nose and malt-forward profile that evokes the feeling of drinking under a big, old redwood while monster pinecones fall from the sky—but slightly less terrifying. It’s perfect for sipping on whenever you’re exploring the great outdoors, or stuck indoors and wishing for a taste of freedom.

With less than 300 cases available, beer-lovers will need to act fast to get their hands on this limited brew! Jack Black has partnered with a select group of retailers and will also be offering Lumberjack Amber Ale through our online store and at Jack Black’s Taproom. It will be available at select stockists, on our online store and at the Taproom.

To find out how you can secure your taste of nostalgia, follow Jack Black on Instagram or Facebook and visit www.Jack Black Beer.com to stay updated on where Lumberjack is available.

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