Jack Black Soirée


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Jack Black 

We recently got invited to the Jack Black Fresh Hop soirée. 

Focused on distinctive quality and innovation, their beer is made from the best natural ingredients at their state-of-the-art Cape Town craft brewery. 

Their focus is flavour and their philosophy is to innovate while staying true to traditional, hand-crafted methods.

Jack Black was founded in 2007. 15years old now by Ross and Megan a family owned business the beer brewery in Diep River, Cape Town. 

The moment the hops are chosen it’s a race against time as every hour the hop ages hence when creating the Fresh Hop time is of the essence. The whole process takes 16hours for the Fresh Hop and that’s record breaking in beer brewing. 

“Once a year during the short hop harvest window, we get excited about brewing our whole cone fresh hop ipa. Brewed in small limited batches, this session IPA highlights full-on late addition hop freshness, flavour & aroma, supported by an integrated malt backbone it’s all about the fresh hops, period. Enjoy now, not later.”

The company that believes in making memories has a lot in store for Johannesburg and Cape Town in the near future which we won’t disclose but be ready for the Jack Black Experience 

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