Focalistic, Ponahalo Mojapelo & Kabelo Kungwane bring creativity home in latest adidas Home of Classics campaign

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South Africa, 25 April 2023: adidas South Africa extends on the global campaign to feature local adidas partners who are considered game changers in their respective industries, to personify three’ iconic adidas silhouettes Gazelle, Forum, and Superstar franchises as part of the Spring/Summer 2023 campaign.

Following the successful global launch of the Home of Classics campaign which showcases the three biggest silhouettes from adidas Originals featuring international skater, Lil Dre and local talent such as Dee Koala and Broke Boys

The local campaign features Pretoria-born artist “President ya Straata” commonly known as Focalistic, supermodel and fashion darling Ponahalo Mojapelo and football culture specialist “kasiflavour” Kabelo Kungwane. “Home of Classics” showcases how the boundaries of creativity are pushed further when communities come together, watch 15 second campaign films for each franchise:




The campaign pays homage to three of the iconic adidas footwear styles within a South African context paying homage to the subcultures it represents and its role in street culture.

Leading adidas entertainment partner, Focalistic explains, “Community is a big part of who I am, whether influencing the beat or even telling my own story. We started this thing of rapping in our local language known as “Spitori” with a small community of people who only understood the language. Now the language is gradually getting recognition both nationally and internationally but to this day, my community members are my biggest supporters, whenever I drop new music, they are the first ones who create hype around it. I value and love my community the same way they love me”.

2022 Feather Awards nominee, Ponahalo talks about being unique, pushing boundaries, and reaching for the stars. “For me this campaign showcases that your dreams as an individual are valid, and you can achieve anything if you put in the work. It means pushing boundaries and dreaming further than what you know and being enthusiastic about your dreams”.

“We share ideas, football, and food. We inspire, educate, and enlighten each other within our community”, says Kabelo as he talks about the people who have inspired his passion in the football space. 

Blending heritage and innovation across borders, the latest “Home of Classics” campaign launched globally on 3rd April and product is available online and adidas stores. Follow the conversation on Instagram @adidasZA using the hashtag #HomeofClassics. 

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