SAFW SS23 Opening Party w/ Cruz Vodka

It was obviously New York, New York themed and immediately when the team heard that we thought there would be a lot of style show casted and we were right.

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When people think New York they immediately think diversity and different styles that challenge the current eco system of what’s supposed to be fashion and all the guest brought their absolute best. But there’s a thin line between old New York and just NEW YORK like the attendance below who made sure to bring the Gilts & Glam of old New York.

And then we move on to modern New York a subculture of various types of style that embody New York and Ofcause in the Big Apple the colour black is more relatable than any other colour so naturally here’s our best of the night. Quincey and Nkulley really gave us Gotham New York City as young and vibrant it was it also was also unrepeatable

And main pop of colour was Yellow and Mzukisi and Theo from Mafikizolo and only the two of them deserved to shine in Yellow, Anyone else wouldn’t have had the audacity to pull off such a star studded colour

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