The Final Curtain For The Wife?

As we all know that the wife is coming the 3rd season its final but we have reasons to believe otherwise but wait could it really end?

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Fans scream for an encore could this be a clever marketing strategy I for one seem to believe so but before that here’s what happened.

LUNGA MAVUSO opened that show with delicate notes that demanded our attention, Coming from the audience a grand entrance only fit for South Africas modern day Maxwell. LUNGA captivated the audience in BEEDIAMONDHEAD styled piece where sang his classics reminding us again what the show is truly about

The love of Naledi and Qhawe, which got us thinking Dudu Busani-Dube has created multiple novels regarding the series of books which are preludes and interludes to each other, We do admit the only three novels bare The Wife names like Hlomu, Zandile and Naledi but what about the interval of other books within this collection, Are we awaiting a spin-off show with the blueprint of The Wife the show thats even going to be more bigger.

At the last event I managed to speak to Sambulo and he mentioned how we’ll miss his appearance on the screen and season 3 kicks off and he makes the show is it the final hurrah or is cause they are going to continue with maybe season 4 could be just wishing thinking but why cancel a successful show?

We are grateful to Showmax, Stainglass the team behind the scene and the casting agency for introducing us to a new faces and opening up the “industry” showcasing that its possible for a show to be successful without a well known lead.

Kwesta, What a rockstar! As he began his performance everyone just stood up and walked towards the stage and its a certain kind of talent when older people get down as well as the Gen Z. He brought the party into the room performing smash hits like “Ngud” which was may personal highlight as that song represents something considered ghetto into mainstream culture.

And we couldn’t shut down the article without talking about Thuli Pongolo I mean wow. I will not lie, I could not believe she held her session effortlessly bringing nothing but hits that got even myself up from the chair and I truly believe I could dance at that moment. I don’t know it could have been her vibe, talent and ease that just got us up.

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