What Is An Alpha Guy

Ok. We get it, Everyone has their own definition of what an alpha male is but by the looks of things in our society it seems like all men should wake up feeling alpha when that is not how it goes, Actually far from it.

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Generations before the Gen Z era man and women had certain roles expected of them ie cooking for women and hunting for men. Still, as we naturally progress into the future some traditions fall into the dark and get lost in translation.

“They say its a MAN’s world, Far from it”

The fact that society tells us to “Buy Her Flowers” and “Diamonds Are A Girls Bestfriend” pre-conditions men, to automatically know this about women but what do we know of being a man? A lot will say it’s to provide but we’ve seen providing men getting the bitter end of the stick, Basically, what’s missing now that did not years ago? How did ancestors make it work?

“Well dive on in – Roger Smith”

In a lot of ancient movies, we see men being the stronghold of a family and protecting their family against whatever the scenario, Unfortunately, the dad dies and the son is left without a role model to model being a man and that’s where the distractions come in like porn, video games and substance abuse and one that’s killing this generation of men is porn and masturbation. You cannot become Alpha if you still masturbate because masturbation drains life force energy and that’s the energy you need to become productive and win at life.

In other words, The stronghold men you see in the movie only has one goal provide and protect which requires a lot of energy, Well let’s bring that into the modern age provide and protect how do we do this in the modern world

Providing – Means getting the gaup, You have to secure the bag this will give you options in the kind of life you want to live, Men are lucky and privileged in this modern era as we are not easily wifed up, And that gives you the time to create your best life before securing the “box”. And you cannot prioritize the “box” when your providing energy into money

Protect – Now this is what they say about the manly men that they should have a manly face or a manly body because it proves you can protect yourself, After the money do some physical activity to train your body so you look as you feel.

And that’s one way of being Alpha becoming the stronghold like the men in the movie because when the son grows up without a father it inspires feelings of pain and you can either let the pain push you to self-distraction or you can use the pain to become like your dad but even smarter cause your the future

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