July promises to pack a punch with Netflix launching its latest action-thriller original film – The Gray Man. Created by the iconic Russo Brothers, the story follows the life of the CIA’s most skilled operative, Court Gentry(Ryan Gosling) whose true identity is known to none. In a thrilling twist, a psychopathic former colleague, Lloyd Hansen(Chris Evans) puts a bounty on his head set off a global manhunt by international assassins. Packed with action and an all-star cast, this film will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. 

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For our local content fanatics, we take a closer look into the life of the famous South African Cricket Captain, Hansie Cronje, in Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story. An unprecedented rise to glory, followed by the most horrific fall. “How do you start over once you have betrayed a nation’s trust?”. 

Other titles to look out for include a new three-part limited series, The Most Hated Man on the Internet, sharing one woman’s crusade to take down a revenge-porn empire, Virgin River: Season 4 and, Manifest: Season 3.

All this and a whole lot more coming your way this July! Here are the links to download the Full list of content and Imagery.

Local Content

Jewel – Netflix Film – 7/8/2022

While visiting a massacre memorial, a photographer finds herself drawn to a local woman. But their romance stirs up painful memories of a shared past.

International Content

Persuasion – Netflix Film – 7/15/2022

Eight years after Anne Elliot was persuaded not to marry a dashing man of humble origins, they meet again. Will she seize her second chance at true love?

Virgin River: Season 4 – Netflix Series – 7/20/2022

Mel navigates her new reality, Jack’s past threatens his future and new faces arrive to stir things up in Virgin River.

Blown Away: Season 3 – Netflix Series – 7/22/2022

The hot shop welcomes 10 talented new glassblowers for captivating challenges inspired by outer space, the circus, the Seven Deadly Sins and more.

The Gray Man – Netflix Film – 7/22/2022

When a shadowy CIA agent uncovers damning agency secrets, he’s hunted across the globe by a sociopathic rogue operative who’s put a bounty on his head.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet – Netflix Documentary – 7/27/2022

This new documentary series chronicles a mother’s crusade against the ruthless owner of a porn site.

Licensed Titles

Manifest: Season 3 – 7/1/2022

Coach Carter – 7/1/2022

Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story – 7/27/2022

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