Don’t bank on your health – why being prepared for illness or injury is a must

As we head into the winter months, our bodies and immune systems can take a beating from the change in weather and there is a greater chance of catching a cold or getting the flu. Of course, Covid-19 remains with us too, and is likely to do so for some time. 

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Banking on the chance that you will remain strong and illness-free in the face of increased exposure to viruses and bacteria at this time of year isn’t a financially viable plan, as it’s highly likely you will catch some kind of bug over the next few months. While some of us will get away with bed rest and lots of fluids, visits to a GP cost a few hundred rand – just for the consultation. Add in the medication and the common cold can become a pricey affair. For those with Covid, besides the vitamins and medication, a stay in hospital may also be required, all of which comes with a hefty price tag.

If you have a family, it’s likely that when one member gets sick, all the others do too, which can end up in multiple medical bills.

Having some form of medical insurance in place to cover those day-to-day medical expenses is advised.  With so many additional financial pressures on families these days – the price of food is going up, electricity and the cost of fuel have gone through the roof – few of us have surplus cash to pay for unexpected medical bills.

“Medical insurance is different to medical aid in that it covers day-to-day medical costs such as going to the family doctor or visiting the dentist when that toothache becomes unbearable. Unless you have a healthy rainy-day fund, having affordable medical insurance in place such as TymeHealth – a product offering from TymeBank developed in collaboration with the National HealthCare Group – will help,” says TymeBank’s Head of Sales and Service Cheslyn Jacobs.

Unexpected illnesses are not the only incidents that can occur without warning; accidents happen all the time too. This could be a burn from boiling water in the kitchen, a broken arm from falling off a bike or getting cut by a piece of unseen glass. None of these mishaps are planned and all require medical care. With medical insurance in place, any member of your family who is included in your policy can access hospital or specialist care – without having to put in another cent.

With diabetes and depression on the rise, more and more people require chronic medication, which typically costs a great deal, even the generics. Medical insurance plans like the one offered by TymeHealth and the National HealthCare Group include cover for chronic medication. “People who need this type of specialised medication shouldn’t go without it so it becomes a monthly cost that cannot be cut from the budget, even when times are tight,” says Jacobs.

He goes on to say that with TymeHealth having now entered the market, medical insurance has become far more affordable and accessible. “Becoming a TymeHealth member takes just a few minutes once you have a TymeBank account and can be done via the app or online. Members can access over 12 000 National HealthCare Group healthcare service providers located across the country. Consultations are covered once a member’s TymeHealth digital card is shown and it can be used to pay for medication too – no cash is paid over by the member.”

To find out more about TymeHealth, in partnership with the National HealthCare Group, visithttps://www.tymebank.co.za/products/tyme-health/.

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