SA Hip-Hop artists curate playlist for the next episode of the G-Star x Snoop Dogg campaign

To celebrate the launch of the next episode of the Snoop Dogg campaign, G-Star RAW has collaborated with local rap and hip-hop artists to curate an exclusive Spotify playlist. The public playlist is crafted by local superstars Shane Eagle, YoungstaCPT and Courtnaé Paul and will be available to stream from 4 April.

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The playlist features the Say It Witcha Booty soundtrack, released last year in collaboration with Snoop Dogg and G-Star RAW, and is complemented by our favourite local artists’ best Snoop Dogg tracks.

When asked about Snoop Dogg’s style and music, Shane Eagle comments “I think Snoop is a living legend. Snoop is one of the original architects of Hip-hop, whose image is paired with buttoned-up flannel shirts, freshly braided hair and baggy jeans,” 

Courtnaé Paul has been known to drop a few Snoop tracks in her DJ sets and when asked about the most classic on her playlist, she responds: “Is a set complete without any Snoop? Ain’t no fun, Gin and Juice, Beautiful, the list goes on! But “Drop it like it’s hot” gets the most spins for sure.”

“If I think of Snoop now he’s more of a famous personality and icon in the entertainment industry and not just a rap legend,” responds YoungstaCPT when asked what he thinks of Snoop’s style.

Some of the songs you will find on the playlist and get you ‘throwin’ your hands in the air – like you just don’t care’ include Gin and Juice, Drop it like it’s Hot and That Girl (featuring Pharrell) to name a few.

So pour yourself a gin and juice and click through to listen to the ultimate G-Star X Snoop Dogg playlist.

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