#Moan Twitter Space Worth R560

Isn’t it funny how social media really shows us who we are as human beings, Last night #MOAN was trending on Twitter and I went to checked it out and to my surprise its a sex thing.

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Some user even showed how a free Bible Study Twitter space had a few listeners but the #MOAN had tons of listeners whom pay R560,88 could we blame the pandemic, Are people still afraid to go and mingle with others in an imitate way?

We once did an article about how millennials are having less sex, Could this be related to this epidemic that the world is facing. For more on the article click here

But whatever it is I personally know that nothing beats the real thing, You can listening on people moaning to get you in the mood but nothing will ever feel like the right thing

So I encourage you to go out there, Play safe and know it isn’t about you but pro creation

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