5 Books By Dudu Busani-Dube That Are A Must Read

By Kev Zulu

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Dudu Busani-Dube is the author of the popular Hlomu series of self-published novels, being Hlomu the Wife, Zandile the Resolute, Naledi his Love, Iqunga & Mess which have sold tens of thousands of copies. Her latest book, Zulu Wedding (2018) is based on the popular film by the same name, which she wrote at the request of the film’s creator and producer, Lineo Sekeleoane.

“Busani-Dube started writing Hlomu the Wife in 2015, and shared excerpts with friends, asking them for help in editing the book. Instead of helping her, they were instantly hooked, and begged her to continue the story. She decided to self-publish, and after a few false starts, she began selling books from the boot of her car. Now, Busani-Dube is one of the few self-published authors to claim bestseller status in South Africa.

It starts with one book

  1. Hlomu: The Wife is essentially a love story that takes its cues from life in a South African township. A young woman named Mahlomu meets Mqhele Zulu and they fall in love. Even though aspects of Mqhele’s personality and past make her uncomfortable, Hlomu is happy. Their love is strong and they stand by each other through good and bad. But Mqhele and his seven brothers have a dark and tumultuous past that involves a dead warlord father, mob justice, and lots of unaccounted-for money. The Zulu brothers are rich, handsome, powerful and dangerous. They eventually become one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Johannesburg – but the inherent danger remains.

2. Zandile the Resolute is the second in Dudu Busani-Dube’s blockbuster Hlomu series. This novel continues the story of the eight Zulu brothers. Rich, handsome, powerful, dangerous and the wealthiest and most powerful families in Johannesburg, Zandile is the wife of the first brother Nkosana, their love story is like a South African township Romeo and Juliet, their families hate each other but their love is so strong, it endures all the hatred, the deaths and even prison time.

3. Naledi: His Love is the third of the Hlomu Series Books. The Story is pure fiction, but some of the places mentioned do exist. The Zulu brothers, however, are a fiction of the author’s imagination, but you are welcome to turn any man into one.

04: Iqunga is the fourth story in the series, the author switched things up a bit. A meeting with a man who tells them they need to rid themselves of an ancestral curse leads the Zulu brothers on a journey of uncovering their lineage. The storyline takes place in two parts and alternates between present and past events, with the past events not only repeating themselves, but also revealing why the Zulu Brothers are the way they are. This of course, is not without the drama that constantly surrounds these men!

05. Mess Perhaps the most gut-wrenching book in the series, Mess follows Lahliwe and Mqoqi as they try to make their relationship work despite the damage done to them. Stuck between the expectations that come with being a Zulu brother and who he really wants to be, Mqoqi Zulu is the most misunderstood of the “wolf pack”. This is a heartbreaking read about family, love, and mental health. Keep the tissues handy!

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