Great Dane Afterparty Behind the Scenes

While I was at the Great Dane I decided to also feature a series of pictures of people having fun. These pictures show how free and unboxed South African kids are. Many of them seemed to know each other from school which resonated with the spirit of community that decades later shown in us as our forefathers did. 

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I picked up a sense of love in the air as I was coming in as a stranger but the love they showed me was truly priceless. I went in blind but came out eyes opened as I was in the presence of Uncle Party Time who was down to earth and Thapelo Madepela who was one of the best Amapiano Dj and influencers like Naz B Muller. People who I didn’t know going in but have huge respect for going out  and that just goes to show how we as a magazine should be featuring artist, influencers and event organisers 

Catching them before they blow up because by the looks of the entire room, majority are already successful and the minority are going to be successful. This was an afterparty of awakening but most importantly of great purpose   

See pictures below 

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