Basha Uhuru Fest Review

We’re pretty sure an audience like the Basha Uhuru doesn’t exist anywhere but at Basha Uhuru in Constitutional Hill. When we got an invite we were exited to see young creatives in the domain and they did not disappoint from Kallo who opened the show with her smash hits really set the mood for the entire day/night as artist coming after her had the very same spunk that left us relaxed, It was truly a breathe of fresh air

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Then the iconic wisdom queen Webawedwa kept on insisting to everyone that we should love one another because without each other there isn’t much of a world cause we’d be alone and just like that we felt a spirit of unity within the festival and we knew that every year we would comeback to witness love without broaders.

Thandonje sang her heart out on stage that we were wondering whether she’s signed or not but the talented musician mentioned she was the 1st to get signed for international brand HBO which is fitting cause her voice just speaks to a mood that can only be captured on camera

And the master Sun El came in and the audience moved closer to the stage and as much as people were filming everyone was also enjoying the music, Basha Uhuru is that that. enjoying chilled music and taking it easy which reminded us of Coachella especially before it hit mainstream or Rocking the Daisies, Msaki joined him on stage and we were blown away by the collaborative set as the sound was phenomenal which we have to give props to the Basha Uhuru team for making everything run smoothly.

Langa Mavuso got on stage and all the ladies went front row to connect with the musicians performance and he never disappoints as song after song the audience knew word for word and that to us means only one thing. That Langa Mavuso has made it. We can’t talk about him without talking about that beautifully encrusted blazer jacket the also stole the show, Now that is a man that know how to entertain.

Sio connected with us on a different level as her melodic sense was exactly what we needed after the flame of Langa Sio came in with the water or should we say with the flowing of water that settled us from the rave. And there’s few artist that can stand and still be entertaining after a big act like Mr Mavuso

The festival featured artists and thats where they truly belong this festival taught us that art, music and fashion can all coexist in one space and that taking it apart can be done but like isn’t needed.

We urge you to visit the art exhibition inside that is just gorgeous, Seeing ourselves represented in our own art was a proud moment for me

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