From Libid-low To Libid-oh!

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It seems that everyone’s drives have taken a dip this year – whether it be for work, fitness, or, uh… horizontal activities.

And who could blame us? It’s tough to light a fire in the bedroom when it’s doubling up as an office, yoga studio, and full-time day care. Much like an ill-timed phone call from Granny, 2020 has really dampened the fire in our loins.

But what can we do? Even if we manage to reschedule Zoom meetings or ship the kids off somewhere, our stressed and worn out bodies just don’t seem to, ahem, play ball.

Thankfully, there is a cheat to help liven things up between the sheets: Glutathione!

A powerfully beneficial antioxidant, Glutathione works by ridding and protecting your cells from free radicals and other harmful toxins. In turn, your blood flow increases, and your energy levels will see a significant spike – giving you that much-needed boost to get to Blissville.

And it’s not just the ladies who can benefit…. Glutathione can help the fellas have longer, stronger sex sessions.

Go the distance with Glutathione

The IV Bar’s Detox drip contains 100% Glutathione – meaning you get a pure, powerful libido booster administered quickly, conveniently, and effectively. What’s more, you can enjoy the added effects of this little miracle worker, including stress relief, decongestion, a skin glow and an improvement in your general well-being.

Down to get down? Drop by for a drip at The IV Bar!

Give us a ring or book online today – your bliss-booster is just a drip away!

Our drips are medically approved and administered by registered nurses. Our nurses wear full PPE.

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