Bonang Matheba’s BNG Confusion Made Clear

CSA Global has allegedly negotiated directly with House of BNG wine-making partners Vino Ventures and has split the partnership between them cutting Bonang Matheba out as a shareholder. 

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CSA claims Bonang is aware that any intellectual property, trademark or copyright developed by CSA remains their property including House of BNG. 

Bonang says CSA has acted without her knowledge in certain matters while claiming she brought House of BNG with her when joining CSA

CSA Global also claims Bonang was the only one who made millions of rands in profits out of House of BNG meanwhile CSA is still at a loss after investing millions to make House of BNG a success.

CSA Global says Bonang earns a royalty on the retail price for each unit sold while not exposed to any liability should the business make a loss or required to be capitalized. 

CSA has also ordered Bonang to relinquish control of the House of BNG account or face consequences.

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