AFI Masterclass

After getting invited to the beautiful Leonard Hotel in Sandton we knew that AFI didn’t come to pay games especially after a very COVID 19 year  

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African creative in the 21st Century was the topic of the day and our panel of experts didn’t disappoint with this Masterclass 

The host touched on every question that was on our minds which made us feel not only connected but a part of the growing industry in Africa 

Riky Rick the reminded us on how South African rappers used to use a mold that would “fit” an international style but now with artist like Riky and Big Zulu to name a few we are slowing breaking the shell and being authentically ourselves which isn’t supposed to be describable as we just are. 

Film expert Yolanda Ncokotwana touched on the matter of how our story telling was different from the rest of the African continent mentioning we use dialog more, which opened up a discussion then “What is a South African niche in the global market” because as we African can see when a movie is from abroad and we call that “international movies” and we neglect the fact that we too can create blockbuster movies unless we are creating for a particular group which shouldn’t be neglected like the queer community 

Anisa Mpungwe the designer was also in the panel and she answered a very interesting question on textile, fabric and prints on how are African designers HAVE to use print to show off their Africanicity and how she responded was standing ovation worthy that we as Africans don’t do our research when it comes to African designers mentioning that there are designers that don’t use prints to show off their Africanicity but just make beautiful clothes that aren’t boxed in creativity which is where we are heading as the industry 

After the Masterclass AFI hosted us to a night of networking and we sure did meeting the likes of an amazing Jazz band that covers songs. On the record one of band members mentioned how us as Africans do not want to pay full price for their work which can be frustrating because music is a form of creative process like designing like film making that deserves a full price 

And just like that beau, Fashion week has officially launched but other than fashion its supporting amazing initiatives which makes this Fashion week even more special 

Check out pictures of the event here  

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