AFI Afterparty

After the Masterclass AFI hosted us to a night of networking and we sure did meeting the likes of an amazing Jazz band that covers songs. On the record one of band members mentioned how us as Africans do not want to pay full price for their work which can be frustrating because music is a form of creative process like designing like film making that deserves a full price

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As the sunset on Sandton The Leonard Hotel on the 38th floor Dr Precious Motsepe took the podium and mentioned how proud she was for the work The Motsepe Foundation is putiing back into the fashion industry but most importantly how proud she was for us the youth that continue to strive in the post COVID 19 era with our creativity and passion to make this industry grow. 

On another note she mentioned that companies ever since COVID 19 have spent their charitable budget on COVID 19 neglecting other organisations like the CAN/SA organisation which was why The Motsepe Foundation is donating 1 million rands into the CAN/SA foundation to help fight cancer in South Africa which really got a standing ovation because its something we saw but didn’t.

The president of CAF Patrice Motsepe made and appearance which we appreciated who also got to tell me (Kev Zulu) words of encouragement in a private setting 

And just like that beau, Fashion week has officially launched but other than fashion its supporting amazing initiatives which makes this Fashion week even more special 

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