Zulu Mkhathini’s Spirit Of Ubuntu Review

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Listening to the album there are a lot of gems and our favorites but speaking about the overall project it features young, energetic beats that consist of gqom, African funk and laid back soft ballads like “Muhle” which truly shows the growth of Dash into Zulu Mkhathini and how it was necessary for him to grow to reach such a matured stable sound. Zulu Mkhathini for sure knows exactly who he is and is not confused as you can tell by listening to this album.

The album features artist like Black Motion which are also known for their Africanicity which blends well with the theme of this album.

Four years in the making, Zulu Mkhathini calls the project as “special” and a “milestone in his life as a solo artist and as a growing brand we can’t wait to see where he takes us with his career as he ticks most accolades boxes.

And with the last track we are reintroduced to Zama Jobe in a new setting which works well. Overall project is really a Spirit Of Ubuntu as it touches on other African cultures, We love how he is diversifying the Zulu man image and how it’s not a one size fits all scale with people in general.

As a Zulu man I’d like to thank you for this piece of art, It really showed me as a young modern Zulu guy that change is acceptable, Being yourself outside of your culture is important

Listen to the album here https://electromodeza.lnk.to/SpiritofUbuntu

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