A little background from the Fashion house as a way to give them a platform to best represent themselves. Keeps scrolling to the end for my final review

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“UNI FORM combines the contemporary with the familiar, drawing references from its location, Johannesburg, South Africa and translating that into ultra contemporary silhouettes.

Modular, trans-seasonal pieces form the core of the UNI FORM collection which is rooted in quality and garment development. Elevated classics filtered through the lens of a new South Africa.

UNI FORM’s ultimate goal is to transcend outdated notions of what Africa has to offer, rather push its design economy to that of any major fashion capital.

Luke Radloff uses his local training and combines it with his experience of luxury European brand communication. He has spent time on all sides of the industry, including retail, design, production and creative direction, most recently as founder and Creative Director of UNI FORM” 

What Luke Radloff is doing with UNI FORM is so “fitting” pun-intended because the 1st time I browsed at the collection in a hurry to my next appointment, I remember thinking to myself what a neutral oasis but it wasn’t until I viewed the collection and took my time that I found exquisite tailoring, The entire collection is finished with warm colors with different fabrics, I guess that is what makes it high fashion and by high fashion we mean the highest quality of all the good stuff in one product.

“if that isn’t luxurious to you, i don’t know what is”

And that’s what this brand represents and can be worn with a single item or head to toe full UNI FORM either way works perfectly without looking like your trying to hard.

See Entire Collection Here https://www.uniformza.com/collections/project-5/

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