BKhz Studio in Rosebank

Banele Khoza (2 weeks prior to opening the space): This is a complicated one, can I just call it a space? (Laughs) The space has been rumoured to be a gallery/shop/studio/ artist project/ project space. Perhaps it is a collective of all the mentioned, that is why I myself do not know the actual answer to it. I also do not know how it will adapt going forward as there will be plenty of projects taking place, there will be an activation of talks, there will be curated shows, open studios. This is a space for creativity, driven and led by expression. I thank the landlord as he agreed to all my absurd requests of wanting to paint the floors green- he had no problem with it, that is what I hope to achieve with the space, where people are given the maximum expression of the space. That is what I am interested in. 

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Being an artist will not confine the space to artworks only, but I would love to create a dialogue between art and design. Design has a soft spot in my heart, perhaps because I grew up with desire to become a fashion designer, with that I have been able appreciate design and designers. I was schooled by Nate Berkus on tv- on how to shift spaces and designing on a budget. All that influence and watching design related shows fuelled my love for interior design. 

(Observe all COVID 19 protocols when visiting the Gallery)

19 Keyes, Keyes Art Mile Trumpet Building, Rosebank

Johannesburg, GP 2196

South Africa


Sunday       Closed

Monday        10am–5pm

Tuesday 10am–5pm

Wednesday 10am–5pm

Thursday 10am–5pm

Friday 10am–5pm

Saturday 10am–3pm

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