Zooming In On Spelete

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“Spelete Its the Brand for God, of which it’s been led by his servants that He choose to take the Ark to the destiny of Honey & Milk.

Business is war, Spelete will continue to fight entrepreneurial till standard of living of Gods Nation is economically Free

It’s Aim is-to alleviate poverty, eradicate youth unemployment and build more leaders”

A beautiful about by Spelete the company that launched the most selling shoe worn by all the AmaPiano artists in town. When we looked through the look book there’s a couple of sneakers that we would like to acquire for our own because there’s something for everyone and that truly makes the brand outstanding not only in its uniqueness but also comfort which is rare in locally produced shoes.

We also observe the companies religious beliefs and the aim of building a better world, Not only for them but for those who need it. Being grounded in God is a beautiful thing it shows ethics, ethics show reliability and reliability shows  trustworthiness and those are the few of the many many many many many talents Spelete has acquired,We are sure you’ll definitely find something you like within their catalogue and I would recommend every beau to purchase these as they go towards building up a black owned businesses in South Africa which is a very good initiative right now plus the shoe speaks for itself so you cannot really beat hard work.

We hope that it continues to prosper on because there’s nothing like seeing black on black businesses and actually see them thrive from from that disadvantage place to be a ground breaking revolutionary

This brand also speaks to the youth that anything is possible especially in the era of social media as you bypass media outlets.

getting out from the gutter is really hard and Speletehas been there and has proved that with God on your side you are sure going to make it like they have – Kev

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