Top Three Artist You Need To Listen To In South Africa

There’s a lot going on in the South African music industry right now and because of the the ama piano wave it’s been hard to pay attention to other South African genres that are just as good. We decided to round the top 3 we recommend you to listen to as this is really good music and you cannot beat hard work that the artists are putting into their crafts

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Una Rams – So you know how they usually say that the world belongs to the young and it’s sure belongs to this young guy who is a very skilful master in writing sensual and sexual songs.Una Rams has managed to have more Apple streams but not even the entire project was released. Launched this morning around 00:30pm was just the right time to actually listen to the EP  and now that it’s out we get to see the reason for the kind of artwork he did, that African orange with a strong Thebe Magugu collection pieces from the ss22 DOUBLETHINK story makes the artpiece, we meant artwork a MASTERPIECE to show the “supremacy” of Una this is just a mixtape in an off the record chat with the artist he mentioned that the album “is gonna be a mazza” while laughing which proves the level of confidence he has in his music which essentially is himself.

Listen to his latest project Hold Me When It’s Cold: A Mixtapehere https://music.apple.com/za/album/hold-me-when-its-cold-a-mixtape/1578339106

The second artist that we cannot, cannot stress for you guys to look out for is for sure Deep Aztec. Deep Aztec is a very deep artist which his latest album Healing Frequencies is just a masterpiece     The sounds that consists of natural nostalgic sounds and most importantly soft delicate sounds which blend with the South Africans culture truly makes this project one in a million.

His music gives a neutral funk cool that just can’t be compared.

Listen to his latest project Healing Frequencieshere https://music.apple.com/za/album/healing-frequencies/1561955924

Lastly Kudz the smart locally based musician, record producer, songwriter, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, music director, audio engineer & Jazz graduate has always played behind the scene for other artists.  And his music reflects good production entangled in good poetry which excercise love, hurt and all the inbetweeners. If a love journey is what you seek an EP you can’t skip a track this is it. Kudz storytelling provokes, engages and argues which is a good storytelling recipe.

Listen to his latest body of work the EP you.me.worldhere  https://music.apple.com/za/album/you-me-world-ep/1550583404

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