SAMW Show Review S/S 22

Lights camera action as the South African Menwear Fashion Show in Cape Town  commenced opening the show was

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Ruan Goosen

and we couldn’t have been more impressed by the delivery for their take on S/S22 as the clothing presented a strict tailoring ecstatic that met delicate colors and features this collection is the perfect fit for a Cape Town summer trip which speaks volumes to the brands heritage.

Forged Studios.

As the second collection commenced Forge studios open to the show with a skinsuits model and from the get go we were reminded of Cape Town cold weather the collection featured neo-soul ecstatics which blended in that neutral earthly tones and the effortless tailoring makes the collection a masterpiece, the collection also spoke about sexuality and masculinity and how it can be a subjective experience communicated through fashion

XM Creations

This collection featured free flowing designs that have a gentle palette to to bring in the spring feel. Each piece had something special about it from asymmetrical cuts down to modern art which ties into the brands heritage. An overall masterpiece which is easily adaptable into any closet.

African Salad

Feature bold asymmetrical in elemental earthly tones which tied in into the Japanese wabi sabi ideology. The modern pieces present functional features that represent strength.


Welcome to the wild in modern luxury cuts that present a sophisticated gentleman with a metrosexual demeanor.

WTL Designs

In a post pandemic era where body suit make the runway debut with intricate patterns that seem to make the collection glow.

Bernali Designs

A watery summers escape with the cozy simplistic couture sweats which feature art and the black & white jacket being the main show stealer and the following trench coat which simply just flows for a winter item.

Masa Mara

A time through the looking glass as we are taken to a diversified complexity of Africans represented everywhere from the influence of China to the tribal skin suits which resembles a tribe living in the wilderness alll that in bold African prints which could illustrate unity with the world and the big luggage the models are carrying resembles the history of African history

Afrofuturism Collective

A smart collective way to make durable clothing as the pieces represent a thinkness of the fabrics that have been added over and over to create the missed smashed motif, the collection featured a strangely attractive punk rock scene but the execution done very elegantly

Ashley Stephen Collins Designs

A trip into an occultism forest community which it’s only ethos is beauty in naturalism which makes perfect sense as the brand is located where there’s so much history, And one color shows off the design that went into the garment rather than hiding the detail in splashes of colors

A clean take on the modern day asymmetrical with an African ideology but done in a stric Western way which shows of best of both parties

Lucky Luke

A breathe of fresh air as loosing fitting clothing take center stage in an artistic lense that is executed perfectly would swear it’s a ready-to-wear collection but no as each piece was designed from scratch, We loved the trendy rope belts which we saw in the Hermès s/s 22 show too which shows the level of detail to this fashion powerhouse


If fabric meets great cutting that would be the imprint brand as the details of this collection cannot be seen in video but you really need to zoom in to find gems that are a MUST HAVE like the scarfs and sunglasses to the leather bags to the shoes and socks this brand has something for everyone. The perfect metrical cuts meets the busiest fabric which pulls in that spring element and making the collection A MUST HAVE this summer.

The leather merged with African prints to us represents a time when Africans owned agricultural in their native land, Tying that rich history of black South African people and we cannot close this review without talking about the styling of the runway show. Each model represented a advertorial campaign as we were drawn in into the world of imprint.

New Balance

The new collection launched at @SAMW and represented the Cape Town weather as the collection consists of airy jacket that perfect for cold breezes in Cape Town summer.


The Jacket Guy is a modern guy that sparks conversations as he walks in the streets his silence speaks volumes but only is heard after passing by is a beautiful sentiment that provoke the thoughts

Rosey & Vittori

Is a slick take on modern reference

KoiKoi Clothing

KoiKoi feature must have shirts and shorts, making the collection White was genius as it’s simple yet elegant and can range in types of buyers

Yoto Moto

The asymmetrical shorts that opened the show really stole the show as well as the slick shirts which were cut in a different boxy way which is groundbreaking in South Africa

Human by Nature

This brand reminds us of the boy next door feel. It’s relatable looks feature a Jock like character.

Skhanda World

Just pops with color and feature must have accessories

Fuata Moyo

This was the perfect show to end the show as this collection features our favorite look that opens the show in an art piece from the brand. This brand represents freedom in its purest form and the designer played and had fun making this collection which resembles in the clothing.


See Entire Show Here: https://youtu.be/DhZd3E6vX8c

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