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Riky Rick is one artist in South Africa that maintains being on top so we decided to write a little article about how he stays on the top?

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Most people in the world know Riky as a rapper but before his blow up Riky raised primarily by his maternal grandmother. His parents separated and later divorced when he was a baby. His father moved to Johannesburg. His mother was an academic who studied in South Africa and United Kingdom to become an advocate. He is one of eight children all boys, he has a total of seven brothers, four brothers from his mother’s side and three brothers from his father’s side.

So psychology says middle children always have to compete for the parents attention and lucky Riky is doing that in a more generous way and giving back to the community that made him who he is today which is Hip Hop

He has single handedly created one of the biggest music festivals South Africa has seen and could be a tourist night out event as its usually hosted at the sametime every year

The Cotten Fest initiative aims to promote young and deserving local artist that do not get recognised by popular culture so as the touches holder Riky is giving back into the community that raised him by giving EVERYONE a stage to shine and get introduced to the “community”

Riky also bought Legendary Barber which in a way kind of is in the same lane as the Hip Hop route and that right there gives him substance cause he doesn’t seem like a celebrity that just slaps their name on anything and expect it to pop, Riky on another hand proved to be ready for this life his living now

So, Thank Riky for good content and alignment of who you are

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