Perfect Morning Routine – STEAL This Guide To Kick Start YOUR Day

Perfect Morning Routines.

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The Perfect Morning.

And that’s before 7AM.

Reality is different. Your mornings are for hitting the snooze button and regretting all those extra Netflix series you watched last night. They’re for hiding under the covers for as long as possible and dreading work.

Your excitement comes from racing out of the door without a shower or breakfast. You make it to the office just in time – if you’re lucky. And then someone points out your zipper is undone and you’re still wearing your slippers.

Guys, I don’t always have the perfect morning. But with a little discipline, I have more wins than losses.

Start Your Day Strong

In today’s article, I’m going to share MY perfect morning routine with you.  I guarantee that if you steal this routine, you will be set up for an amazing, productive day.

Morning Mistake – Going To Bed Late

Before we get started, there’s one mistake you can not afford to make.

This morning mistake will screw up your entire day.

Go to bed early the night before.

Sleep is not only for the weak. It’s the best way to stay strong all day.

Are all-nighters worth bragging about? Maybe they’re fine once in a while when they can’t be avoided but otherwise – staying up late constantly isn’t a sign of working hard; it’s working too much, working inefficiently and mismanaging your time.

Without enough sleep, you’ll start the day with a mind that’s not 100% energized – no matter how many times you give yourself a good slap on the face.

The worst part? Imagine your brain failing in the departments of common sense and alertness.

More than 90 million Americans experience side effects of sleep deprivation every night.

And studies suggest they can range from less obvious stuff – like a lack of focus or attention – to crying over small things, or a lower reaction time while driving or pouring coffee!

Speaking of coffee – don’t rely on it to overcome sleep deprivation. I enjoy my morning coffee as much as the next person. But I also know caffeine has its limitations.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-8 hours of sleep (or 9 if possible) for the average adult.

1. My Perfect Morning Routine – 5:00 AM

The day starts at 5 in the morning for me. I wake up using a normal alarm clock (not my smartphone) and ideally, I’ve slept for 8 hours.

Have something to look forward to upon waking up. It can be a simple coffee treat or 20 minutes with your wife and kids at the breakfast table.

Why don’t I use my phone? Well…I don’t even have it in the bedroom.

It’s left somewhere else because I don’t want the temptation to check my messages or browse social media right away. There’s enough time for those things later.

Morning Hack: Struggling to jump out of bed? Place your alarm clock on the opposite side of the room. You’ll have to get up to stop the ringing.

Smile! Count your blessings each morning. Enjoy the calm before the storm. Think about all the serious matters later at work – not before.

2. My Perfect Morning Routine – 5:05 AM

I head downstairs for coffee – french press with coconut sugar and cream – with my lovely wife. I’m not going to pore over the newspaper or check my phone. Here’s why.

This is the only time where both of us can sit together and chat – with no distractions or interruptions. My wife has her hands full once the kids wake up (we homeschool them) so this quality time in the morning means a lot to us as a couple.

3. My Perfect Morning Routine – 5:30 AM

I spend 30 minutes on some self-development reading. I enjoy reading about finance, investment, and other non-fiction topics…since I’m always looking to deepen my skills.

Your brain is most on fire in the morning.

Having time set aside for personal development will be the best use of that time.

Things like:

• Meditation

• Going on a run

• Reading

• Listening to a podcast or audiobook

I think people underestimate the value of short morning activities. If you think about it – do we work to live, or do we live to work?

Sure – we don’t get paychecks from exercising, reading or chatting with our loved ones. Why spare some of your precious minutes in the morning for those things – especially if you always have the rest of the day after work?

It’s all about personal development. Getting the fuel for not just your mind and body (to complement your breakfast) – but also for your soul. This fuel goes beyond the endorphins your body releases or any profound ideas that enter your mind.

Recreational morning activities give you a sense of fulfillment from the very start.

You wind up having all the more motivation to go to work, perform well, and make it a kick ass day.

Learning never stops for me.

4. My Perfect Morning Routine – 6:00 AM

I devote the next hour to my physical health.

I take a 2-minute drive to the local gym and do some squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Next to the gym is an aquatic center with one of my favorite facilities: a pool with a hot tub. I use the hot tub to reward myself after a hard workout.

And when it’s about half past 6 am – nobody’s there.

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Then I shave, take a shower and dress for the videos I plan to film. I’ve got a cartridge razor in my Dopp kit to use for shaving (since it can be packed safely without the blade getting damaged).

I also bring my own natural men’s face and body wash so I can thoroughly wash off the chlorine.

Morning Hack – Save Time & Tie Your Necktie The Night Before

5. My Perfect Morning Routine – 7:10 AM

I’m back home making breakfast for the family.

Breakfast is the one time of day that I have to spend with my kids. The rest of the day I’m working. If I miss breakfast with them, I’d rarely see them.

Also, if I don’t eat the mic will pick up the stomach growls.

Moms say it best – never skip breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate – or heavy for that matter. You only need something healthy, easy to digest and convert into energy.

Carbs are your best choice but if you can manage to squeeze in some fruit that is fine.

My kids have woken up and get to eat kasha (a type of buckwheat porridge) and then we’re all fueled up and eager to get on with the day.

6. My Perfect Morning Routine – 7:55 AM

I say goodbye to my family and hope they have a great day (actually just a great 4 hours since I’ll be seeing them for lunch anyway).

Morning Hack – Have a designated area for your wallet, phone, keys and other everyday essentials.

Now I have to drive to the office which is 5 minutes away from the house. Business and ‘busyness await’.

7. My Perfect Morning Routine – 8:00 AM

The first office matter is turning on the computer to look at my company dashboard. This includes checking up on:

• Sales

• Traffic to the RMRS website & YouTube channel

• View count/performance of recent articles & YouTube videos

• How far ahead on content we are

• Emails

Just a side note: I get around 200 emails a day from people with personal questions, style-related questions or business inquiries.

I obviously can’t reply to each and every one by myself. So I have two personal assistants who are well-trained to respond in certain ways to different kinds of emails.

My assistants know all about RMRS as much as I do.

I know they’ll provide excellent customer service whether it’s giving advice, pointing someone to the right info or having the tech/sales team solve an issue.

8. My Perfect Morning Routine – 8:25 AM

It’s time to relax and have my second coffee for the day. I take about 5 minutes and then go check my emails. I’m usually sent 5-10 emails a day by my assistants – those filtered from the whole bunch – which I need to personally respond to.

That way I don’t get lost in my inbox.

9. My Perfect Morning Routine – 9:00 AM

Lights, camera…action! I spend 2 hours doing what I do best for RMRS: filming YouTube videos. I film 2-3 videos in one day.


It’s simple.

Videos add the biggest value to my company.


My videos reach millions of people.

They’re the most responsible for any increase in sales or web traffic.

So the further ahead I get in this department, the more I’ll be able to maximize profits.

10. My Perfect Morning Routine – 11:00 AM

The next stage of work involves these practical tasks:

• Editing videos with the help of my videographer

• Getting updates from managers in the team and discussing our priorities

• Working with the tech team to address any fires or issues about the website or YouTube channel (e.g. the website is down temporarily)

Effective communication is essential to all those tasks. That’s why I make it very clear about respect within the team I have.

Everyone needs to be focused on their work while still doing their part in meetings, Skype calls, and email exchanges. There’s no “i” in team – or success.

11. My Perfect Morning Routine – 12:00 Noon

I love my job and I get a lot of fulfillment out of the work I put in every day.

I don’t have to eat a packed lunch or stop by a diner in this small town. Instead I enjoy a great lunch with my wife and kids – the second meal of the day we have together.

It’s also an opportunity to bond with my kids for around 30 minutes to an hour (before they get back to homework).

I know how fast they’re growing up so I don’t take for granted the free time I have as a dad.

12. How To Create Your Own Perfect Morning Routine

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I believe that a good morning – with the right morning routine – leads to a successful day. And if you consistently have successful days… you’ll live a very successful life.

Here’s how you can come up with a similar routine:

Know the main purpose of your morning routine. Is it to be healthier, to be more energized for work? Is it to spend more time with your family? Understand that purpose and it’ll be easier to pick out your activities.

Compile a list of potential activities that align with your purpose. Write them in order of how you’d like to tackle them.

Ask yourself: “Where is my time best spent?” You should narrow down the list to what either benefits your work (as we all care about making money and excelling in our profession) or your personal life and be realistic about time constraints – you still need 7-8 hours of sleep.

Remove any small mental tasks from your current routine. Choosing what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, wondering where you left your keys, etc. Take care of those the night before because morning routines function best without too much thinking and decision-making.

Once you finalize your routine, try and commit to it for 7 days. No excuses or delays because this is the only way you’ll find out whether it works or needs adjustments.

Use the Eisenhower Matrix – a FREE productivity tool for you to prioritize your time & avoid distractions. 

A good routine keeps your mornings stress-free. We all lead busy lives so it’s best to organize your small matters in the morning…and save your mental energy for later.

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