t10 February 2021, Johannesburg, South Africa – Vaal rapper Mata is going for gold with her new single titled “Golide”. Golide, which means gold in Zulu, is the reason why Mata is in the City of Gold, Johannesburg. 

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Known for her colorful hair and even more colorful flows as well as switching between South African languages Mata is certainly a breath of fresh to the female MC’s in the country. She gives the listener the raw & unfiltered truth which can be mistaken for a young rebel who believes in defying every norm set by society. 

Her love for hip hop started in 2008 when she fell deeply in love with Lil Wayne’s PMW song and she decided right then and there that she will start making music right at that moment. Since then her love for the genre has grown by leaps and bounds and she has been working on getting her craft right. 

After years of perfecting her craft, working with various producers and labels, she is finally ready to go for gold and Golide is only the beginning of amazing things.

Golide will officially be available on the 9th of April 2021. Please see attached an exclusive for your station

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