The Yung Smile is a certified Rockstar!

Geez Beats sets the tone with a mellow Piano-Trap beat and Ludo lays amazing vocals on the hook with The Yung Smile laying the verses.

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Fresh off a radio run with his previous 2020 single “Pay Up” Featuring Scooby Nero, this single promises to do the same and keep his buzz going. This single continues exactly where “Pay Up” left off with the hook saying: “ I’ve Been away, tryna get the paper”.Rockstar is a hustler anthem for everyone grinding and chasing the paper. The Nigerian artist seems determined to make paper and take over the scene in 2021. Born in Benin City Nigeria, he relocated to South Africa and the music dream is becoming a reality.

Even though being a musician has always been the dream, The Yung Smile has always believed in having a good education. He has obtained a National Diploma Award in hospitality management in Lagos Instituted Lagos state. Rockstars also need an education.

The Yung Smile is clearly an educated hustler that is simply after the paper and if he continues at this rate, he will be a force to be reckoned with in 2021.

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