The Dream Of The Sports Car.

Ferry Porsche gave everything for the sports car of his dreams. His dream came true. Not because he hesitated, waited or got lucky. Because he went that extra mile. 4 This attitude, this fighting spirit, is in every Porsche that we’ve created since 1948. It’s there in every detail and in every race we’ve won. It’s also found in every idea. And in our engineers. Who continually surpass themselves. To achieve the one second that plays the decisive role between triumph and tears. For the ‘Dr. Ing.’ in our company name, and to reinvigorate Fascination Sportscar time and time again. To us, it’s never been about extra horsepower alone, but about more ideas per PS. It’s about engines that are more efficient, not bigger. It’s about a design that follows principles, not trends. It’s about sports cars that can be driven day in, day out. It’s only when all these things come together that we can talk of Intelligent Performance – the core of the Porsche brand, and of its future. This is what we are fighting for. Just as we did on day one. For a dream that will forever be in our heart.

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