DJ Kwame urges you to go Ekhaya

 The son featuring Leko-M is an ode to home. Leko-M sings passionately about how home is calling his name and he is on the way home.

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House music and electro-house lovers will enjoy this sound but it is designed to have any music lover dancing and ready to go home and see family. The song is upbeat but hands you a nostalgic feeling of driving home to see loved ones and eat amazing food with friends and family.

Dk Kwame has been honing his craft in the industry for years. After graduating Kwame started his first radio job at Hillbrow Community Radio station as a technical radio producer. He, later on, moved to Kaya FM and it has been five years since he joined Kaya FM as a radio producer for the following shows (The Uncaptured, KayaBiz, Today with John Perlman, Side Bar with Dr. Sindi, My Money and Me, Good Friday and The Winner’s Circle).

DJ Kwame released Abanamali in 2020 featuring Senzeni hitmaker Mthandazi Gatya, which discusses what gents go through each and every month to simply impress girls in the club. The single went on to play on various South African stations. The song was released through Johannesburg-based Jozi Entertainment. He is no stranger to the international scene, DJ Kwame released a single with New York-based Nulu Movement in November 2020 titled Spirit Dance.

Listen to Ekhaya Here

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