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I started writing on Facebook as a way to escape and it became an addiction, fuelled by the feedback received and a lot of encouragement that I got from the Facebook followers, I decided to publish my book, Unspoken Truth. It was published in June 2018 and is available at all major bookstores in South Africa.

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Unspoken Truth is an emotional filled story about a happily married couple, Thando and Bongani Mthimkhulu. They have kids and are blissfully in love until Bongani meets GcobaniBengu a business associate. When he realises his feelings for him he knows he cannot continue to live a lie anymore. The book reveals how he deals with this new revelation and how Thando deals with the ultimate betrayal.

The book deals with themes of infidelity, loss, sexuality and love. Told in two different point of views.

The Sequel, “Ravaged Souls” published in August 2019. It will be four books all together in the series then I can venture to new territories.

Ravaged Souls follows a group of friends through the turmoil, love and loss.

We meet Luxolo and Vuyolwethu who are childhood sweethearts, happily married but struggle to conceive. When that finally happens they are elated until they lose the child to an accident caused by Vuyo. What follows them is coming to terms with a loss and detrimental consequences of grief on their marriage.

Lubabalo Sobukwe is gay and a pastor’s kid. He has been living his life in a closet until he meets and falls in love with Ryan cook who suffers from  a mental illness. They have to deal with their struggles while exploring their new love.

This book covers themes of love, mental health issues, sexuality, loss, grief and most importantly great friendship. It’s told in four different point of views.

The third book is the series, is about Ndoniyamanzi Zwane, an orphan who has hardened herself against the harsh realities of her world. She dreams of a future where she can leave her small town to complete her studies and become an architect even though the odds are stacked against her. The pain she has been subjected to makes it impossible for anyone to break down her walls until one hot night with an enigmatic Lusanda Ngcoboturns her life on its axis.

Lusanda is a self-proclaimed playboy who has his life already planned for him. He has no time nor the inclination for love. He prefers playmates that know the score − to have a good time with no strings attached. When a passionate night with a dark beauty comes with the possibility of complications, he has no choice but to chase after her.

As they find each other again, it becomes a battle of wills and passion between the two. With so many obstacles in their way and deep-seated layers of pain, will they be able to find love and strum each other’s pain away, or will they succumb to the pressure of expectations? This book came out in October 2020.

The themes: colourism, abuse, childhood trauma, love and friendship.

I also write stories on Facebook under the page: Stories by Pumza Shabangu.

I write unconventional love stories and not afraid to push the boundaries and addressing pertinent social issues. I would like to think my art is the conscience for society. It begins necessary conversations in the spaces we occupy. I hope to inspire change and empathy. I would put my writing in the contemporary romance category.

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