Let The 2nd Wave Of COVID-19 Find You Prepared

Advice From Hospitals, To Do From Home During Pandemic and since the second wave is deadlier heres more on what to do at home with your family 

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Diet Is A Lifestyle

  • Try getting Cal-C-Vita and other vitamin C supplements and pills, during the cold season a lot of people start their with some vitamin C or you could go the organic route which is filling up on oranges.
  • Make sure to also eat vitamin e foods like vegetables oils, nuts seeds and green leafy vegetables, one i really like is herb tree rosemary on a well done steak seasoned with a little onions but you can also find vitamin e on cereals, juice and margarine
  • Some call it vitamin D some call it “tanning” whichever word you want to use we vouch for it, for 30 minutes sit in the sun  and absorb the vitamin d or you can get it from egg yorks, fish and liver, milk and saltwater (not that anyone drinks that)
  • Above all make sure you get in a egg meal, either way you like them.
  • We’re under lockdown so we would advise you to do alot of sleeping at least in 24hours sleep 7-8hours full
  • Make sure to keep hydrated with a bottle of water, Each day you should drink at least 1,5 liters
  • Eat only warm meals, This is no time for ice cream, We understand juice and fruits but other than that keep it warm.

That diet is the same diet that doctors and nurses use to strengthen the immune system of the patients that were admitted for the COVID – 19

The pH of the corona virus varies from 5.5 to 8.5 therefore all we have to do to eliminate the virus is to consume more alkaline foods above the acidity level of the virus

For example:

  • Bananas 4.5 pH known for their high potassium helps build proteins, builds muscle and regulates the hearts electrical activity.
  • Lemon 9.9 pH known for their sour bitter taste, This fruit is good cause it kills bacteria in your mouth and really just gives the body that pump of vitamin C
  • Avocado 15.6 pH known for their delicious taste the avocado provides blood sugar regulation and nerve function
  • Garlic 8.7 pH known for their bad smell, you’ll be glad to add garlic in your food because it is an antibiotic for infectious diseases and chronic coughs
  • Mango 8.7 pH known for its sweetness the mango has natural sugars that give enegry and vitality with vitamins like iron and and zinc
  • Tangerine 8.5 pH known for looking like an orange, The tangerine is citrus fruit containing hybrids of mandarin orange packed with Vitamin E, B6 & Choline fights against cold sweats and ease the throat during a cold.
  • Pineapple 12,7 pH known for its sweet taste maximizing the bodies sugar levels and making sure the immune system fights for itself
  • Watercress 22,7pH grows in running water and it’s leaves can be used as salads leaves it ensures a healthy metabolism to keep you regulated and fresh
  • Oranges 9,2 pH known for its calcium level that regulates influenza for years but we would like to also focus on the orange peal that minimizes the effects of any immune disease

How Do You Know You’re Infected By COVID-19

  • Itching Throat
  • Dry Throat
  • Dry Cough
  • Short Breathe
  • High Temperature
  • Loss Of Smell

Lemon with warm water eliminates the virus at the beginning before reaching the lungs

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