Proxy Wear

We recently contacted the ProxyWear brand as it’s seen everywhere within the national radar and we being fashion journalists had to dig deeper into the origins of the amazing merch company.

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We got to talk to the CEO and creative director  Paul Mathibela, A humble soul that explained the company launched in 2014 and the aim of the brand was to target the gen-Z generation and looking at all of his collections we can say that he is moving fast as us,

We quoted him when he said “change your appeal to invite your success.” and to us that means while in ProxyWear you should feel comfortable enough to be adventurous but still stylish as ever

A fashion destination for the youth with a taste for current trends that only trendsetters could understand.

We got invited to the #CF2020 Cotten Fest hosted by Riky Rick and every cool kid were in ProxyWear

With the logo of a shaded lego character shaded, the brand aims to be accessible but still keeps the level of quality at most paramount

We enjoyed talking to him and hope he continues to grow as merch is the new haute couture and there’s nothing like the ProxyWear name that made even bow

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