Manqoba For N Combo Reveal

If style had a name we would associate it with this gentleman. His name is Manqoba all the way from Soweto

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This modern man juggles work, and family, and his effortless style proves he is not under any form of pressure. Manqoba recently launched his own apparel and we cannot get enough of his sophisticated yet commercial style its a bridge between slick yet comfortable and that is why he is one of the pioneers of style

We recently sat down with him as he explained  that there’s a market for revolutionized streetwear, he has single-handedly flipped the page and remastered sportswear with a sophisticated clean line which is exactly who we are as the beau

He went on to mention that through his clothing he wants the buyers to buy into a feeling of freedom being able to look good while on the go with fast fashion being created left and right he says NO to fast fashion but rather “Yes To Conscious Style” and that to us means ART as you buy something that truly resembles your consciousness of the Earth and yourself.

And this is the reason why we stand with N Combo Reveal

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