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Phillip Mohlabeng also known as “P. Jones” is a south African hip hop artist who was born and raised in Pretoria (Soshanguve) on February 02, 1994. P.Jones love for the music started when he was 6-years old, when he used to listen to American hip-hop but he could not understand the language.

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With love for the music, he started to imitate hip hop song singing in front of the mirror with a tooth brush in the early hours of the morning. In 2010 he started to produce his own hip hop tracks, by then he was young and he did not know what he was writing about. 2013 P.Jones started recording his own music with a hit track called “God my Savour” and that is when he started to get to know the industry because people will tell when your song need something. 2014- He started performing at local schools, malls, halls and local clubs to get exposure in the music industry.

The same year that is when people were starting to recognize him and asked more from him and that is when his music grew to another level. 2015- He started recording with other musician who have been in the industry for a long a time and then started to learn and gain knowledge in the music industry. In 2016 P.Jones decided to move to Johannesburg (JHB) because his music was now well known in Pretoria but he was not getting as many gigs as he wanted and JHB was first thing on mind since many well known hip-hop artists are based and were lots of activities are taking place. 2016 was a very successful year for P.Jones because he started applying everything he learned from the previous year and he started to go solo and host his own shows around Johannesburg.

The very same year, P.Jones songs started to be recognized and getting played at the radio stations and he also managed to get some radio interviews from different radio stations. P Jones started perfoming at the clubs of Joburg he got recognized by promoters due to the reaction that people give him when he is perfoming He started sharing stages with the likes of Emtee, Stogie T,Stan B

He then joined hands with his friend Hlomani Maluleke and they decided establish their own record label called ‘OutReach Records’ as an independent and a responsible record label. With little finance they were receiving during the performances, ‘OutReach Records’ then started to produce its own music videos. And they got recognition but the following year they went separate ways Outreach Records was shut down in early months of 2017 P Jones moved to East Rand where joined forces with a friend who later became his mentor and manager Stephen Monoki founder of Bossy Clothing brand along side P Jones Stephen Monoki is a business man and a promoter who took P Jones under his wings he promoted P Jones through his own shows and other shows he was being invited to.

He also promoted P Jones through other platforms from Newspapers to Radios the fan base of P Jones became solid 2018 P Jones Joined Umsindo Innovation Hub for PR and Marketing For bookings: contacts:

0848892824 Email: phillipjonesbooking@gmail.com

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