Fitness Hack

The reality is we don’t always have the time or bandwidth to schedule a full-blown workout. But there are little exercises you can do throughout the day to squeeze in a mini sweat. Things you probably haven’t thought of, like doing a quick set of body dips on the side of your bathtub before you hop in the shower or doing sit-ups while you catch up on Big Little Lies.

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This one goes out to all the moms who have back-to-back schedules, those who may have slept through their ClassPass booking but still want to get some physical action in for the day, or really anyone who enjoys multitasking and making the most out of their time. Life is about balance and giving yourself a break, so if you skipped the gym, don’t stress over it. Instead, use these fitness hacks to keep yourself on track, because even the smallest amount of effort pays off and does the body good. Find out our fitness hacks below.

• Before you take a shower, take two minutes to do squats.

• Do 20-30 dips using the ledge of your bathtub.

• Keep a jump rope in your garage and jump for two to three minutes. We also recommend packing a jump rope when you travel for a quick sweat.

• Do Kegel exercises while you’re walking around.

• Put on music and dance while you’re cooking to burn calories.

• Do sit-ups while you brush your teeth.

• If you work from home, sit on a bouncy ball instead of a couch or chair.

• Do calf raises while you blow-dry your hair in the morning.

• Talk a walk around the neighborhood while you answer work emails on your phone.

• Instead of fast-forwarding through commercials, use the time to do sit-ups or leg lifts.

• Carve out five minutes to do full-body stretches.

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