The Ex, Right Move?

There is a lot that goes into dating, some believe you HAVE to kiss a lot of frogs to actually get your desired princess but no one talks about going back to your ex, ever wondered why? Most people whom i have done a  survey on continuously say “What if the second time around THEY have ulterior motives” like hurt you just when you think your in a good place, guys say she’ll trap you with an unwanted pregnancy whatever the reason, Could going back to your ex be a recipe for disaster

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The reason why most people go back to their ex is strangly because no one will ever understand them, (well by no one we mean its hard work getting someone and getting comfortable enough to be themselves around you vice versa) so we decide lets settle for those that know us, There could be valid reasons why its a bad idea going back to your ex for example some of people say they hate a loop when you know how its going to end and nothing has really changed within the relationship but could having a different take or a refreshed mind be the recipe for a powerful comeback story?

We all love being in love (unless you prefer being alone which is not healthy but thats another article for another day) But mainly the “honeymoon” phase really needs work to stay alive because romance varies from one person to the other it could be how a person conduts themselves in public that just keeps the fire burning or that look thats just your weakness and with your ex in the picture they know which buttons to press to pleasure you, so could falling back into your ex’s hands be such a bad idea?

Nothing is perfect nor will it ever be but it takes two to tango to understand and to build and with all that hard work you’ve put into your ex is it really fair to just call it quits? I personally believe that if you truly believe someone is your match then the inbetween mistakes they make is not entirely on them (because saperation is a joint decision) so it takes someone real to actually want to fix something about themselves to make a better looking picture that both of you will enjoy so do not be a quitter to ensure a better looking picture

Unless your ex does not want you back but if they are willing you must have done something right to just give up easily

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