ReBa: A Force To Be Reckoned With

Reba Is A Rapper/Poet From The Eastrand. His Journey In Music Started At A Young Age As He Grew Up In Musical Household And Got Exposed To Different Types Of Genres Which Is Part Of What Triggered His Admiration For Music. He And A Few Of His Peers Founded A Rap Group “Chemical Minds” At The Age Of 12 And Started Recording At A Local Studio But Never Released Any Of The Music Due To Lack Of Resources, The Group Eventually Split And He Went Solo But Had A Few Collaborations With Local Artists And In The Middle Years Of High School Began Receiving Exposure Throughout Social Media And The Township Earning Himself Stripes Through The Cyphers Sessions That Would Take Place. He Then Started Branching Out Due To The Recognition He Was Now Getting Through His Music. One Of The First Biggest Events He Was Featured On Was One Hosted By Mentor And Fellow Artist Blacklabelled Which Featured South African Household Artists Such As The Likes Of Zakwe , F-Eazy , Gigi And More, Things Seemed Brighter From There And He Eventually Scored Himself A Regular Radio Gig At Kasie Fm Doing Poetry On Some Weekdays & He Also Performed At The Annual Beer Festival Event At Kempton Park. Reba Was Locally Known By His Former Stage Name “Adrenaline The Ish” But Changed It Due To Realizing There Were A Lot Of Artists Using The Same Name. He Was Also Widely Known For Pulling An Engagement Stunt At School By Proposing To A Girl In Class Which Was An Internet Sensation

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01. Thank u for joining me online today with the lockdown still in progress what would u say u enjoy mostly at home? The Time I Get To Polish Up My Writing Skills And Think Of New Content To Release Instead Of Always Keeping Myself Bubbled Up In One Sound And Same Material.

02. How Do You Manage To Do It At A Time Like This? Well Since We All Have to Adhere To The Strict Regulations Enforced By The Government I Have No Choice But To Conduct Most Of My Work Through Social Networks Which Is Not So Bad Because I Get To Meet New Producers And Artists That Want To Work With Me.

03.Who have you worked With Recently? I’ve Worked With A Lot Of Upcoming Local Artists And Producers Such As TmL , Germany , LiquidSward , Abstrxct , Zealous Zakes , Dozy Simon , John Nash , Threat And Roxx.

04. Where Can People Find Your Music ? There’s Quite A Few Platforms People Can Stream My Music Such As AudioMack Under Reba , And SoundCloud Under My Previous Alias “Adrenaline The Ish”

05.What Would You Tell Your Younger Self ? The Advise I’d Give To My Younger Self Is To Not Be Too Hard On Myself And Take Things As They Come Instead Of Always Trying To Fill In The Loopholes And Fitting In With The Crowd.

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