What To Watch On Netflix During The COVID -19 Lockdown

We’ve all heard of the term “netflix and chill” but there is no other chill like the lockdown and during these pandemic times I’ve rounded up the best netflix series’s to keep up with. 

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  • Shadow – A South African based crime drama staring Pallance Dladla the actor plays a retired police man that believes in solving cases on his own, with these woman attacks going on Shadow is the perfect series to chill in with

  • Big Mouth – Jordan Peele has done it again yet this time in a comedy animation series available on netflex about two boys trying figure out growing up and their sexuality all wrapped up in adult humor

  • Altered Carbon – In a universe where people memories and personalities are sorted in a chip as a life insurance policy to live forever takes a negative turn for the worst when a group of rebels fight to take down the system

  • Messiah – This show is exactly what i needed during this pandemic, A show that inspires me to have faith in Gods word in this modern civilization as the merge between bible and reality meet in this suspenseful drama

  • The Punisher – A former soldier came back from war and has his wife killed in front of him, He now goes rouge to fixes all bad things criminals do to those close to him

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